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We Can Help with Loans & Cash Advances in Dartmouth

At National Exchange & Brokers, we can help you find the financial solutions you need by offering loans and cash advances in Dartmouth. Clients we serve include, but are not limited to:

  • Young families and people who are just starting out
  • Receivers of old age pensions and/or financial assistance
  • Anyone who needs a cash advance or loan!

You can also find sweet deals on used items at our shop, including:
  • Musical instruments, such as guitars and amplifiers
  • Fine jewellery
  • Brand name tools
  • Electronics, gaming platforms, and games (both new and old releases)

Call or visit us to see how we can help you.

More about Pawning

How does pawning work?

A customer “pawns” an item by using it as collateral against a loan. The item is assessed for its resale value, and you are given a loan based on that value. If you repay that loan within a set amount of time, you can get your item back. If not, the item becomes our property and we will resell it in the store.

At National Exchange & Brokers, we hold pawned items for a maximum of 30 days, and we charge 25% on top of your borrowed amount to get the item out of pawn.

What types of items do you accept?

We are open to most items. Visit our storefront for an idea of the types of items we sell and their prices. Many of our products are jewellery, electronics, musical instruments (from vintage guitars to orchestra woodwinds), tools, collectibles, and even some types of vehicles.

To get the most out of your pawn, do not bring items that are outdated, poorly or cheaply constructed, or awkward to store.

How is the item’s value assessed?

We research retail prices of items and assess them for their resale value. This may depend on many factors, such as the age of the item and its condition.

Please note that you must be an adult over the age of 18 to use our services. Visit us today to shop pawned items or to obtain a loan or cash advance in Dartmouth.

One Man’s Pawn Is Another’s Treasure

Find deals on used items, cash advances, and loans, or pawn your items today!

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