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Get Cash Quick

Pawn your items, or get loans and cash advances.

Find Financial Aid, Pay-Day Loans & More at Our Dartmouth Pawn Shop

Need some extra cash and can’t wait until Friday’s pay-day? We have solutions for you here at National Exchange & Brokers, your go-to pawn shop in Dartmouth for financial aid. Visit us to pawn your items or for pay-day loans.

National Exchange & Brokers has been a Dartmouth fixture for over three decades. Since our doors opened in 1984, our goal has been to foster excellent relationships with our customers, whether they’re young families starting out or seniors who need cash advances on their old age pensions. Please note that individuals must be adults 18+ years old to use our services.

Whoever you are and wherever you’re from, we welcome you to visit us; we’ll help you find the financial aid solutions you need!

Your Neighbours in Dartmouth Since 1984

We’ve been helping community members obtain financial solutions for over 30 years.

How Do Pawn Shops Work?

Pawning is a simple way to obtain quick cash using an item of value as collateral.

What’s a Pawn Shop?

In a nutshell, pawn shops are places where people can obtain quick cash loans by bringing an item to use as collateral. The customer brings an item they would like to pawn into the shop. They will then receive a loan based on the item’s resale price as evaluated by the pawn shop staff. If the customer pays back the loan within a set amount of time, they can get their item back. If not, the pawn shop keeps the item and resells it.

You can learn more about the pawning process and what sorts of items we prefer on our Products and Services page. Or, simply give us a call or visit our store for more information and to shop our inventory of pawned items. After all, one person’s pawned collateral is another person’s treasure!

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